Pool Party and Community Pool

We got two stories from Nicole about when she did some skinny dipping:

Skinny Dipping Pool Party

I was invited to a pool party and my crush was there also. Somebody didn’t bring their swimsuit so she sat out and then a friend asked her to come in but she couldn’t.

Then that girl insisted that she would get naked if someone did it with her. That girl’s crush said he would do it and he did.

Soon, my crush asked if he could join in, too, and he pulled me along.

After awhile, everyone was naked. My crush then kissed me on the lips. Best night ever!!!!

Sounds like a fun party!

Nude in the pool with my crush

This happened when I was 16, (by the way, I am a girl). I went to my community pool in summer and it was a good day – except no one was at the pool. Then I thought that I always wanted to try skinny dipping.

When I thought I was alone, I took of my top and bottom and put it on the edge of the pool. I swim for 15 minutes and then my crush arrives! I freak out until he asks me if he could try skinny dipping, too!

He then took off his blue swim trunks and he cannonballs in.

Then we both laughed and swam around for a bit until he grabbed me and held me close so my boobs were in his chest and his penis was touching my vagina lips. He kissed me and lifted me, touching my bare bottom, I wrapped my legs around him, and this lasted about 2-3 minutes or more.

After that, we become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Great stories! Thanks for sharing!

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