Rush of Getting Caught

Bo sent this story of getting caught, despite his best attempts:

I just had to tell someone about my awesome day yesterday. My truck recently incurred an A/C failure so I was a little on the warm side while driving. With the temps being in the 90’s, the river paralleling the highway looked liked a nice way to cool down. I really just wanted to splash some of that cool and clean water on my face, and maybe even walk up to my knees to cool off.

Anyway, I got off the highway and looked for the safest, quietest place I could find. Being broad day light in the late afternoon, the last thing I wanted was to be arrested for indecent exposure. I pulled over and climbed down bank to the river wearing only a t-shirt and loose pullover shorts. I walked out in the river and it felt so good. Cool, but not heart stopping cold. That’s when my mind started thinking. I looked around everywhere and I saw only two houses in the distance and absolutely no noises…other than the cool Montana water rushing against the rocks. I said what the heck and slipped off my t-shirt and shorts…and in I went. It felt sooooooo good!

After 5 to 10 minutes, I knew I really needed to get back on the road, so I looked around carefully to make sure no cars or trucks were driving down this deserted road. Perfect, it was nice and quiet, so I climbed up the embankment to my truck and as soon as I put one foot in my shorts…here comes a woman riding a bike!! Yeah, here I am stark naked, and a strange woman being a whopping 20 feet from me! I started laughing and said to her “ok, you caught me”. She just smiled, tried her best to ride with her hand covering her face (looking through her fingers) while riding by. She never said a word, just quietly rode her bike by, unwavered by my presence. Being a southern gentleman, all I could think to say was “want go skinny dipping?” I realized afterwards that she had seen me long before I saw her and there was not much of me she hadn’t seen!

Long story short, it was liberating and erotic for me…and I bolted out of there!!

Sounds like you both handled it as well as you could! Thanks for sharing your day with us.


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