Second Date Shenanigans

Michael sent in this story about a nice experience with getting to know someone…quite well:

I met Susan through an online dating site, in mid-September. For our first date, we met at a park on what turned out to be a cool, rainy day. We went for a walk and talked for a while. Although it wasn’t the best first date ever, we enjoyed it enough to set up a second date later in the week.

For our second date, I invited her over to dinner at my house. It was toward the end of September, the last official day of summer to be exact. The previous couple of days, it had warmed up to the low 80s (warmer than normal), so it was a beautiful night when Susan came over.

We spent a lot of time laughing over dinner and stuffed ourselves. Susan suggested that before we have dessert, we should go for a walk around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful night, so off we went.

About 10-15 minutes into our walk, we came to the beach in my neighborhood. We stopped by the water and dipped our hands in. It was really warm. Susan said she would love to go for a swim, but she hadn’t brought a swimsuit and didn’t want to ruin the nice bra and panty set she was wearing. As a joke, I suggested that since no one else was around, we should just go skinny dipping. To my surprise, she said, “I’ve never been skinny dipping before, but I’ve always wanted to try it. Let’s go.”

We took a shortcut back to my house to get towels. During the walk back to the beach, I told Susan that she didn’t have to do this if she didn’t want to. She said that even though we barely knew each other, she wanted to take advantage of this opportunity before she got too old (we are both in our late 40s). She said that you need to get a little and crazy every now and then.

After we got to the beach, we slowly undressed and I could tell Susan was a little nervous. I told her again that she didn’t have to do this if she didn’t want. However, she said that maybe she would just go in her bra and panties and not worry if they got ruined. She said that I could go naked if I wanted.

After she got down to her bra and panties and I was naked, we held hands and started to walk into the water. As we got about ankle deep, she got back out, went back to our clothes, and said “what the hell, if you can get naked, so can I”. With that, she stripped off her bra (exposing her quite perky breasts) and panties.

We walked back into the water and moved to where the water was up to our shoulders. After talking for a few minutes under the moonlight, we came together and shared our first kiss. It was the first time either of us had a first first kiss with someone while naked. Since we both enjoyed it, we wrapped our arms around each other and starting kissing some more.

After making out for about 10-15 minutes, we were both incredibly turned on and decided to take it a step further by engaging in intercourse. For the next hour or so, we made love in the warm water under the brilliant moonlight. If anyone came walking by during that time, we didn’t notice and didn’t care. It felt like we were the only people on Earth at that time as our wet bodies pressed up against each other.

Finally, after an hour or so, we were both exhausted and starting to get cold. Even though we hadn’t had anything to drink, we both felt drunk and saw the experience as being very surreal. We dried off, got dressed, and headed back to my place.

As we sat at my dining room table and ate dessert, neither of us could believe what we had just experienced. However, we felt no shame and recognized that we were just a couple of mature adults enjoying an experience together. As Susan said, sometimes you just need to get a little wild and crazy.

Wild and crazy, indeed, Michael! What a nice way to introduce someone to skinny dipping.



  1. Sounds like an amazing 2nd date and you both where 100% comfy with the skinny dipping that lead to love making. Hopefully you both develop a wonderful relationship together.

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