Second Skinny Dipping Adventure

Riley sent in this memory of ending a year in high school the right way:

I went to a party at the end of last school year. About fifty of us all went to a bridge over water in the middle of nowhere. Some of the other football players looked at the girls, and said that they wouldn’t go swimming. Then one of the cheerleaders said that anyone else could join her in the pond. She took off her outer layers, then tee shirt (revealing a white lace bra), and told her girlfriends that she was skinny dipping.

Some people decided to leave, but for the 20ish people who stayed, we all stripped out of our clothes and jumped into the water.

The girl who started it all had been in my English class that year, and I had a big crush on her. My best friend and his girlfriend (who was best friends with the girl I had a crush on) told me to go for it with her.

I complimented her body, and she said, “you don’t look too bad yourself.” I went to kiss her, but she beat me to it, and after playing naked in the pond, we went back to her car and played some more.

That whole night is hands down, one of my favorite high school memories.

I bet, Riley! Thanks for sharing that. I hope this leads to more adventures with this group of people!



  1. sounds like amazing time

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