Secret Lake Skinny Dip

We got a story in from Lily:

629_3524224This happened during spring break. A couple friends and I really wanted to try skinny dipping. Well, we started driving, searching for a deserted place with water or something. After about an hour, we found this lake. It was surrounded by tall grasses and flowers, so you could barely see it.

Anyway, we took off our swimsuits and started swimming. It was really awesome, we were laughing and splashing! We also were pranking each other, joking around. Then, one of my friends started to scream and said she saw some boys behind the grass. They were around our age, maybe a little older. They started to come toward us, so we hid under water. Of course we had to come up for air eventually, but we made sure to cover our “parts.”

One of the boys said, “Hello, beautiful ladies, mind if we join you for a swim?” We were pretty flattered and they were all really hot, so we just said yes! They took off their clothes and said they didn’t live far from here. We talked at first, then they started saying how sexy we looked, so we ended up making out we them and “having fun.” It started getting late, so we unwillingly went home.

Afterward, it hit us that we didn’t get their numbers and we were SO mad! Oh, well. We tried to find that place a number of times, but we never could. I guess it was just one of those once in a lifetime things. 🙂

Ah spring break! Thanks for the story!


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