She Needs Skinny Dipping Advice

Ok, another girl out there needs some advice and I think the guys will like this one more than the last one.

“I guess all my life, I liked being naked. Growing up, my mom did her best to keep clothes on me but I’d always take them off. While I was young, she let me just run around naked since I would always win the battle. Of couse, as I went into school, I had to start wearing clothes and reluctantly agreed.

I became a teenager and although I had to keep my clothes on, I did want to always take them off still. I guess I developed early and some of the boys started noticing me. It was the summer before I went into eighth grade and my mom and I moved into a house that had a pool. She worked a lot, so I was home alone that whole summer basically.

I would go out and swim almost everyday and then it dawned on me that I could be swimming naked, which I of course, wanted to do. I don’t know why it took me a few weeks. Anyway, I decided to go swimming at night my first time. It was great, so I kept doing it at night when I could.

The next summer I was going into high school. I was pretty popular in school and I think it was because I had a rocking bod. My breasts were really big (they still are), my legs long and tan and I was getting nice color tanning all the time. I decided to get myself this tiny thong bikini to tan in so that I could get a great tan. It was a way to get kind of naked without really getting naked. I still went skinny dip at night a lot, too.

Well, just going skinny dipping at night was fun and all but it kind of lost its thrill. I decided to start trying to do it during the day. It seemed like most of our neighbors were going during the day, so it would be worth trying.

I got a new thong bikini with a bandeau top so that if I was just standing in the water, you couldn’t tell if I had my top on or not. The bottom was a string bikini. so I could just pull the strings and it was off. I suppose some bottoms with just an elastic waist would have been better to get back on but I liked the feeling of it just falling off of my body leaving me naked.

I wore my new suit into the pool, pulled the strings to get rid of the bottoms and then unhooked the top so that I was completely naked during the day. The sun was out and it was amazing feeling the sun on me.

I started to do this during the day now. I’d go out into the pool in that bikini, slip if off and swim around. I was a little worried doing it because I probably grabbed enough attention being outside in that tiny bikini getting tan. I don’t know if anyone saw me that summer but I didn’t care if I did. I liked being naked and didn’t care who saw me.

And then the next summer, I did it again. I remember the first time. I just put that bikini on, walked outside reached up to grab something and my bikini top totally flew off. My boobs just popped out. I think it was a combination of my boobs growing again along with the bikini either being washed or in the water too much or being a year old.

Anyway, I’m in college now and still like being naked. I want some new challenges. Does anyone have some ideas for me?”



  1. Hi Jen,

    I’m trying to post a skinny dipping story, but it won’t allow me to post. What do I need to do?


  2. We fixed the form. Something was wrong with it. Please try again – thanks!

  3. You could try the old sprint through the campus fountain! Being nude in public is of course illegal most places, but just use those long legs and run!

  4. Well, the latest comment is now almost TEN years old, so I’m guessing the writer is now out of college. Would love to hear what she tried next. To any other college students (female OR male), I’d suggest spending as much time in your dorm room as possible in the nude AND, if you have access, tanning naked on a balcony or the roof of your dorm.

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