Sims 3 – Sim Stuck Standing Naked.?

So my sim is stuck, and he won’t do anything.

So basically, i was at this nightclub, that had a hot-tub. So i made my sim skinny dip, and then i made my other sim steal his clothes. Well, then the club closed, and he can’t get out of the club because he can’t go onto the street naked. And i can’t use cheats to teleport him home, because he is stuck on the "go out" action that happens whenever your sim is in a club that closes. So now he’s just standing by the side of the hot-tub, naked. Yes it is funny, but i am also kind of worried that he may be stuck like that.

So yeah, what in the hell should i do?


  1. Get naked with him so he doesn’t feel left out…if someone walks in on you…just tell them you’re playing Sims and it will be ok.

  2. did you transfer him to another location?, otherwise just save and come back to it later

  3. well my guess is just go home naked…that’s all i can think of right now

  4. Wait until the bar re-opens and select the "Change outfit" option after clicking on your Sims.

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