Skinning Dipping and Mud

Nate sent this in, with a great variation to skinny dipping:

Skinny dipping and mud were always hand in hand for me. I grew up watching Shrek and wanted to try a mud shower for myself, but being a kid, all I could do was hope to get older and try it out when the time was perfect. I settled for feet in the mud instead of my desired mud bath, and when I was 18, the opportunity finally presented itself.

I moved to a neighborhood with a great patch of woods behind it and set out to explore as soon as I could. Old train tracks that were out of service were the perfect place to walk and explore upon, and I set out to find the perfect swimming spot I had always dreamed of.

About a half mile down, the tracks dipped down to a fence, and I saw a puddle of water. As I looked closer, I discovered – it was a mud hole! Sure enough, there was a pond on the other side of the tracks that ran off into the hidden ditch and made a perfect mud pit! I kicked my shoes off and stripped to my boxers because I knew I was about to get muddy.

The mud was a perfect brown and slimy but smooth. About knee deep, the pit was wide enough to sit down in, so I did. The mud flowing everywhere was the best feeling. I ran filthy hands through my hair and over my face and rolled over in the slimy mud. I stood up as it dropped off of me and I was a swamp monster. It was great.

The pond was a perfect place to slip into and wash off – skinny dipping of course!!

I’ve been back many a time and it’s a regular spot to unwind and enjoy nature at its filthiest and most freeing.

Thanks, Nate! Definitely a different skinny dipping experience.


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