Skinny Dip and a Dare

Doug sent in this story about skinning dipping with friends, and the resulting dare:

It was quite a few years ago but it seems not that long ago.

It was a very hot Saturday evening in August. We had been invited to a BBQ at a friend’s new house. It was on the first street of a new development where each property was on a one acre lot and there were some thirty-odd houses on the site. To the north of the tract there was a man-made lake about two acres in size. It was a great place to go skinny dipping.

There were twenty people at the BBQ. We had finished eating and were sitting around complaining about the heat and drinking lots of beer.  Someone said we should go for a walk to the lake and see if there was anybody using the lake. A dozen of us made the  trek up to the lake and there were a few folks still there and some more left soon after we got there.

One of our group said, “Is anybody up for a skinny dip?” A couple of our group said no but four or five of us said “Sure….Why not?” So we took our clothes off and got in the water. It was so refreshing. After a half hour of splashing around we decided to go back to the party. We walked up the path back to the road. We stopped while the others put their clothes back on and were waiting for me. I said I just needed a couple of minutes to let the breeze finish drying me.

Our hostess said, “I dare you to walk back to my house naked!” I said “You’re on!” and I walked the whole distance back (about 3/4 of a mile). Several cars went by but nobody saw me as l moved around my friends so that I always had at least one person between me and the car.

Thanks, Doug! Here’s to many more skinny dips with friends, with or without a dare.


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