Skinny Dip Confession

I was living with my parents for a year or two after graduating high school. We sort of had a farm with just a little livestock and that’s about it but it was out in the country with not many houses near by. We did have one next door neighbor. It was just a husband and wife and our family knew them pretty well being neighbors. We’d help each other and share a lot of things with them.

So they had a pool and said that I could come over and use it anytime I wanted. I went over there during the days when I was home and kept things pretty normal. They would go to bed somewhat early it seemed and not really use their pool or even be outside very much at night. They saw me over there one evening and left me alone, so I knew it was cool to be out there at that time. The sun was down and it was pretty dark. I’d go out after a hot day and it would be refreshing.

I probably did this about 5 times to make sure that they wouldn’t feel like they’d have to be social and come out and say hello to me or something. They never did. The pool was actually not connected to the house at all and kind of out and on its own in the yard. I knew that if they would come out, I’d have plenty of warning if I was paying attention. So after the fifth time, I finally got up the guts to slip out of my bikini and swim around a little. I’d do it for a minute, grab my suit and then put it back on – just in case. I finally then convinced myself that they were not going to come out, so I slipped out of it again and swam around freely for about 15-20 minutes. It was great. It felt so free and liberating. My bikini was in the water and it was fun just watching the pieces of it float around the pool without me in it. After that first time, I think I got addicted!

I waited a day and then the next night, I went out again. This time I was more daring and whipped off my string bikini right away and swam around. It was fun pulling the strings and letting it just slip right off my body. It was so dark that night, I even got out of the water naked, stood on the deck and dove into the pool. Wow, that was great. My naked body just out there in public! Nobody could see it but it still felt wonderful to be doing that. I couldn’t help but be out there for a good 30-45 minutes. I then got my suit back on and headed back over to our house.

This continued for a few times, every other night or so and then I got up the guts to go a little further. There was a night when they had come over earlier and said that they were going to be out of town for a few nights. They even asked if I’d clean the pool for them and they’d pay me $20. No problem! I saw them leave and then that night I went over there in just a towel – no swimming suit at all. I walked up the stairs to the deck, took off my towel and just stood there a minute like it was the most natural thing in the world. I even jumped around a little, doing some jumping jacks – I don’t know why I did that but just feeling my boobs bounce around freely in the breeze was amazing. I could feel the breeze go between my legs, too. Wow. I almost didn’t even want to get in the water but just dance around totally naked. I knew nobody was watching but almost hoped someone was.

I finally got into the water and swam around a while. I then grabbed my towel from the deck, kept it above the water and threw it over the pool on the far side. There I was, in the pool, naked. To get something to cover me up again would require that I get out of the pool walk (run) down the stairs and around the pool to get my little towel. What a thrill! So I waited a minute or so and did just that. It was fun. I was running like I was crazy and almost fell down. I got back, left the towel on the deck and jumped back into the pool. I might have even screamed quietly as I jumped back in.

After a while, I got out and just decided to put the only thing I brought with me – my towel – on my head around my hair. I walked down the stairs and over to our yard totally naked. I looked at the house and saw that both of my parents were upstairs. Since my room was downstairs with my own entrance, I just kept on going like that – walking into the house naked and into my room. I was just loving it.

I did that kind of thing all summer long – every few days. Sometimes I’d bring my suit but usually I wouldn’t. I don’t know what kind of excuse I’d give if they would come out and see me – since I’d sometimes do that while they were home but taking the risk was thrilling and I didn’t care what I’d say. They’d just figure that I’m a young country girl just having fun. I have a nice body, so I wouldn’t think they’d care and I’d like to show it off – why not? I never got caught either. It was the perfect situation and I took advantage of it.


  1. i love You!

  2. Omg! I want to do the exact same things you did! You’d feel sooo free! I can’t cuz my pool isn’t very detached from my house.

  3. Great story. Country living at times has it benifits!

  4. Hi Jen
    Lucky you getting to swim nude. I am glad you anjoyed the feeling of swimming nude and also walking around naked when going back and forth to the pool.
    My question is: Okay that was a few years ago. Have you done again since? Are you married and swam with hubby nude? Do you have children? have you taken them for a skinny dip? Why not?
    Enjoy JJ

  5. Have you done it with someone-friend/relative?

  6. the risk of being caught makes it more thrilling and exciting I think

  7. Hopefully your still enjoying skinny dipping as i see this is the 1st post in this page. I enjoy reading everyones skinny dipping stories. I feel skinny dipping is amazing.

  8. OK…. It appears this site’s been around for over ten years! I can’t believe I didn’t find it before now. I’m a huge proponent of skinny dipping, even though I’ve only managed to do it once, and it was several decades ago!

    I read a few of the stories and was very pleasantly surprised to find these weren’t the typical “I went skinny dipping and my parents and our pastor were out for a walk and saw me” or “I went skinny dipping and my ex BF saw me and took pictures and they were all over school the next day” garbage.

    So I thought I’ll go to the earliest post and work my way forward. Lo and behold, YOURS was the first (not surprised as I’m guessing you may be one of the admins – or THE admin). I was reading through, waiting for the hammer to drop (“the neighbors came back and invited my parents over for a drink and they all saw me”)! But, once again, I was very pleasantly surprised. It would appear you’re somehow checking these stories for “believability” because everything I’ve seen so far has been quality! THANK YOU for this site (and this post). I hope you’ve fared better than I with follow-up dips!

    Take care!

  9. I loveskinny dipping .
    Agree with Joe ,its the fear of being caught sometimes thatmakes it exciting

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