Skinny Dip When I Was a Kid

Here is one from Jay:

538_3844259This happened a while ago. I was like 13 and my little sister, Ellen, was 9. The sitter, Carol, came over and our parents left. She was 17. She had asked my dad if she could take us to the park and go for a swim and he said yes.

As we walked to the park, Carol’s little sister, Mary, caught up with us. she was 11.

We got to the park, but instead of going to the roped off swimming area she lead us off to a secluded area at the edge of the park where we couldn’t be seen. Carol and her little sister Mary took off all their clothes like they did it all the time. My sister and I had our swimsuits on so we were a little taken aback to see they didn’t have their suits on.

They got in the water and started swimming and splashing around. Then they started teasing us because we were too shy to do the same. We got in the water and swam around a little. Carol tossed Mary and my sister up so they could splash. I was way too big but I found a log to jump off of.

Then I realized Mary kind of liked me because she was hanging around my neck. Having a naked girl’s little boobs pressed against my arm was enough motivation to help me overcome my shyness and take my suit off. Ellen followed my example.

Mary and I squirmed around in the water and I had plenty of opportunities to touch and feel her breasts. But then I got a real treat when Carol came up behind me and rubbed her full round womanly breasts across my back. If I was older I might have tried to cup her mons, but instead I just enjoyed the experience.

It was over way too soon when Carol got us out of the water. We got dressed and went home.

We spent the rest of the evening watching TV and eating chips.

These kinds of experiences are just part of growing up!



  1. Such a turn on. Shame no pics

  2. hmm I would have loved to have the same experience as you. Curse my bad luck! You are 16/18 now correct?

  3. ops I mean 15/17

  4. Like your story

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