Skinny Dip With Girlfriend and Her Friend

Here’s one we got from Matt. Keep sending them in, people!

Recently I went on vacation with my girlfriend and her friend up to her grandparents cabin which is on a lake. During the car ride and while at the cabin (out of grandparents earshot) lots of sexual jokes were made. There was even a bit of groping going on as we are all good friends. I suppose it also helps, my girlfriend’s friend, Aimee, is also bisexual.

We were having a few drinks the second night there and we started joking about skinny dipping in the lake. I was really into the idea, my girlfriend not as much. Even later that night as we were going to bed I was saying we should go. The next night we had a few drinks again, this time I managed to convince the girls. Being wicked drunk I became very turned on at the idea.

We wandered down to the lake, in the rain and the dark, not thinking to bring more than one towel. We got down to the water and decided we had made it this far, we would go for it. So we all stripped down standing right there. The girls got chicken and left their panties on, but we went down the stairs and into the water. I managed to be erect this entire time as we were walking in. The water was freezing. We rushed out and only got up to our thighs before turning around and running back.

The girls started to dress again but I complained that we really didn’t skinny dip and we should fully go under. So the girls stripped again. This time Aimee got fully naked and went running for the water. I was right behind her, my girlfriend behind me. Finally we got caught up and decided to go under at the same time. We held hands in a circle all facing each other. I had perfect views of the girls’ breasts, my girlfriend with a 38c, Aimee with 38dd. As it was cold, but were bouncing a bit, which I really enjoyed. My crotch was above the water, they could both clearly see how hard I was. So we go and dunk, then start running for shore again. On land we try and all dry with the towel what we can. As I was bending over to pull my boxers up, Aimee bent over, butt in my face to dry her crotch. I was close enough I probably could have licked her if I had wanted. Not sure if she did it on purpose, however I am glad my girlfriend did not see it.

I tried to keep myself hanging out as long as possible, but sadly all good things must come to an end. My girlfriend and I have moved away from Aimee since this happened, however soon she is coming to visit, and we have a hot tub now. Wish me luck!

Thanks Matt!


  1. It’s mid-February, 2021, as I’m typing this. I am reading through ALL the posts from oldest to newest. I hope I see a follow-up from Matt as I continue my reading!

  2. I think it’s obvious the girls were hoping to have a threesome. You should have pursued that.

  3. When I was 8 I was home alone with my 17 year old babysitter. Since I had a swimming pool in the garden she planned to go for a swim and I accepted. I showed up with green trunks, she with a blue bikini. While we were swimming, she suddenly dives and swims towards me. Then suddenly I hear a tug on the logs, and I being dragged to the bottom of the pool. When I emerge, I see her holding my trunks waving in triumph. I went all red in the face and begged her to give them back, but she threw it by the pool, and I went out to take them back, mrntre she was making fun of my manhood. When she came out I got my revenge, pulling down the bottom of her bikini, exposing her nice ass.

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