Skinny Dipping?

How many of you out there have skinny dipped.( i admit i did a couple of times).


  1. Once with my friends, never do it again though cos our clothes went out with the tide. (long story)

    But still in favor of topless dipping.

  2. whats skinny dipping? Can you edit it and say what skinny dipping is?

  3. KILLZ4therapy says

    drunk at lake house party !,,! (-_-) , lol prob about 4 times scince i was 15, now 17.

    Lol, skinny dipping is swimming naked.

  4. Richard W says

    so far i did it 7 times
    and im only 13

  5. Oh yes moonlight skinny dipping. What fun!

    What a feeling of total freedom.

  6. pokemonaddict7 says

    im gilty

  7. dogsafire says

    Of course!

    Skinny dipping is a simply wonderful feeling. Somehow it feels completly different

  8. Im a child of th 60s and I skinny dipped countless times during my life.

  9. Did at the hotel pool with my friends (who I’d never consider seeing naked any other time) during Mardi Gras years ago. Figure you’ve gotta live crazy at least once in your life.

    (Fortunately rather than turning us in the guests who noticed threw beads and cheered…)

  10. fl_nudie_boy says

    All the time. After the first time, I never wanted to wear a swimsuit again. It just feels great.


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