Skinny dipping ?

3 guys 4 girls
would it be wierd if my sister came? (making it 5 girls)
In our pool in our backyard with 4’6” fence.
When is it the most fun to go?
What’s fun games to play?


  1. HAHAHA!!! Yeah it may be a little wierd at first with your sister there, espesially if you get arroused by her being there.

    It’s most fun to go when it’s light out and you can see everything, but for girls they usually get more wild at night.

    the best game is having the girls on the guys shoudlers and wrestling that way. Lots of "accidents" happen then, with hands touching places you don’t usually touch…lol

  2. futuremrsamirkhan says

    Urmm i fink it wuf be a lil embarasin

  3. eww i don’t think you would want to see your sister naked. that is so weird.

  4. Can I come, it would make 4 boys.

  5. Nicholus D says

    I’m with Tom lol, any way yeah it would be weird to have your sister there. as for time, I’d have to say some time late at night, between midnight and 2.

  6. no eew don’t take your sis and make it late at night why don’t yall play marco polo or sumthing like that

  7. It ain’t weird none if ya’ll’s sister’s thar if ya’ll are from Alabamer. Othernwise, yessir, it’d dun be un-com-far-tahble.

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