Skinny Dipping and a Mud Bath at the Creek

Brian sent in this quick story about skinny dipping with a co-worker:

A couple of summers a co-worker and I decided to to go swim at a nearby creek during lunch as we work out in the woods. It was the usual hot Florida summer.

After a while I suggested we go skinny dipping, since she had mentioned it before. I stripped down all the way but she only took off her top. Fine with me. We splashed around the creek for a little while then I spied a little mud hole off to the side and decided to introduce her to nude, or in her case semi-nude, mud bathing.

I jumped in the mud hole, and she soon followed. While in the mud hole she finally took her bottoms off. She really enjoyed it and said she loved the feel of the mud. I was, um, aroused the whole time but she didn’t seem to mind. Too bad we had to go back to work.

We tried to get together for more such skinny dipping, but it didn’t happen.

Sounds like the perfect pick-me-up in the middle of the work day! Thanks for sharing this.



  1. Sounds great! I’ve gotta find a girl to introduce to this hobby.

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