Skinny Dipping at 3 Hotels in a Week

Well, it’s not too often that we get to post one of our own stories – or rather that Jen lets me do it but she said I could post this one.

I was on a trip where I was going to be in 3 different cities in a week. I was by myself traveling. Now, it’s nice to try to skinny dip but it’s not always in the cards since you don’t want to really do it in front of people or get in trouble. At the lake, we’ll do it with our friends and we’re kind of known for it, so it’s no big deal anymore – they’ve all seen us naked.

Anyway, at the first place, I was only there one night. It was a Sunday night and the place was just about completely empty. This was Spring Break week, so I would expect more kids around and there were some kids there at first but I found out that they have some kind of season pass to use the hotel pool and workout area and they live near by. I enjoyed the pool and hot tub until they left. When they did, I got in the hot tub and did a few laps naked… it was actually a fairly large hot tub. What’s nice about being a guy is that you can take off your swim trunks sometimes and nobody really knows you have them off if the water is moving or there’s more lighting above the surface, etc.

I saw there was a camera in the pool area, so I tried to find a place in the pool where I could avoid it and swam a little there with my trunks in my hand, too. It was a great feeling just swimming without a swimsuit on.

A group of adults came by and I still hung out at the pool, checking my phone. They left after a while and I got another session in, too.

At the second place, it was a bit more crowded but they had an indoor/outdoor pool. I got in there twice – once in the afternoon and then in the evening. The first time, it was just me and an older lady. She spent most of her time outside, so I enjoyed the hot tub (another pretty big one) and took off my swim trunks again.

Later, I came back and it was somewhat crowded so I had to try another tactic. The trunks I had were new and kind of different – they were this blue and white plaid pattern but there was no liner in them. I think they were a little bit transparent when wet but nobody has complained about that so far. Anyway, I loosened the string and they became pretty loose on me. I did some jumping around and they were kind of coming off, so I didn’t get to go naked that time but still had a little fun.

At the third place, it was a regular hotel pool. The staffing there was really minimal – just 1-2 people at the most for the 4 nights I was there. The first night, I just sort of gauged the place and wanted to see what the foot traffic was like around the pool. As it turned out, I found out that I could have had a good amount of time to swim around naked but I didn’t really take advantage of it since I knew I had more time there.

The second night there, it was pretty empty again, so I made sure my trunks were loosely on and did some swimming in the pool, kind of pushing off from the sides. I could get a good enough push off that I could completely swim out of my swim trunks. That was pretty cool. I did that a bit but then some teenage boys showed up, so I quit that and then soon left the area.

The third night was empty again, so I was in the hot tub and pool a bit and then got up the guts to take my suit off, outside the pool, and jump in. I’d do a small lap and then grab my suit and put it on. I did that twice.

The fourth night I did the same thing and the second time I did it, I just got my suit on and all these people showed up. I thought it was a band because there were guys with beards and they were carrying cases. As it turned out, it was a local SCUBA class that needed to use the pool. I didn’t get caught but it was close. I hung around a bit but then grabbed my stuff and left.

Overall, I’d say I got plenty of nude swimming time in but I do always want more!



  1. Eric, thanks for sharing the story. Do you or Jan have any other stories posted?

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