Skinny dipping at a Clothed Campsite

John shared this story of first times and enjoying skinning dipping on holiday:

I was introduced to skinny dipping 20+ years ago by Martina, a lovely German girl on a remote beach near Malia on the Greek island Crete, while we were both on a camping holiday through Europe.

Since then I’ve skinny dipped many times, alone and with friends, on naturist beaches in Europe and in various parks and by lakes around Munich, where I’ve lived for the last 20 years.

A few years ago I persuaded my then girlfriend, let’s call her Agnes, to take the plunge, and she was so enthusiastic!

We were looking for campsite in Croatia for a summer holiday and I came across a FKK (naturist) site on the island of Pasman. Friends of ours had a holiday apartment in the small mainland town Pakostane so we booked 10 days on the Pasman site and 10 days on a textile site in Pakostane.

As soon as we arrived at the first campsite we knew we’d made the right choice! Agnes’ young son soon made friends and everyone was so friendly. Apart from cycling into the local village to shop, we were naked the whole time. The site has two small beaches, both just 30 seconds from our tent, and we could enjoy the warm Adriatic sea all day, swimming, snorkeling, etc.

Then on to the second site, where we were extremely lucky to get a plot right at the front, just 25 metres from the sea. Agnes had been so used to being naked she stripped off to unpack the car and erect the tent, but after a while noticed everyone else was clothed so decided a swimsuit would be a good idea.

We decided we would risk skinny dipping early the next morning and at around 7am we wrapped ourselves in towels and walked across the empty beach, dropped the towels, and swam for about 15 minutes. It was great to see the sun rising over the nearby town. There is an outdoor shower by the sea and we washed the salty water from our bodies before walking back to the tent to dry off, put shorts on and make coffee. There were a few other early morning walkers about but nobody seemed to mind that we had been naked.

We met our friends later and cycled to another textile beach. We found it very strange to be clothed and went to the end of the beach and skinny dipped and sunbathed naked there. The rest of the beach was quite busy but again, nobody complained.

For the rest of the holiday we skinny dipped every morning, gradually starting later and even as late as 9am on our last morning. By then there were several others swimming and quite a few walking along the beach or around the campsite. I have to say, we both have fairly good bodies and we enjoyed the exhibitionism!

During that week several other campers told us they wished they had our self-confidence and two other ladies followed our good example.

Although Agnes and I are no longer an item, we’ve been going back to same two sites every year for the last ten years, sometimes with other family friends, and we still carry on our daily morning swimming and showering ritual :-).

There have also been occasional “accidental” towel drops while carrying the washing-up bowl through the campsite and naked early morning visits to the bathroom block 🙂

I hope this story wasn’t too long.

Not at all, John! Thanks for sharing those memories.


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