Skinny Dipping at a Hotel – Caught?

Here’s one we got from Sarah:

Hi Jen, well I guess you could say that I’m a closet skinny dipper and now I’m kind of going public with it. I know you won’t publish my full name or email or anything but it still feels good to kind of admit it and own it.

I went to a hotel for a few days just to get away. I’m single, in my 30s and in decent shape. I work out a few times a week. Anyway, I wanted to get away after I just completed a big project at work. My boss even said to do it (with pay!). So I did. Just a hotel sort of out in nowhere. One day I went hiking and I did stuff like that to just sort of chill out.

The hotel had a pool and a whirlpool and a sauna. It was pretty nice. All of this was in a separate building. The first night, there were a lot of kids at the pool but the next day, the hotel seemed to clear out. I was probably only among a dozen people staying there. It was about 3 in the afternoon, so I thought I’d check out the pool as I was walking around. I walked in and it was empty – completely empty. It didn’t even look like anyone used it all day. So, I formulated a plan.

I went back to my room and got out this skimpy bikini that I bought. I hadn’t worn it in public yet. I wanted to wear it but didn’t know what people would think. It was a thong and the top was a triangle top. I guess I have breasts that are a little bigger than normal. They’re nice. I get complimented on them and I have been tanning in the nude about once a week, so I thought I looked good and could pull it off and look fine in it but was nervous wearing it. It was dark blue, which looks good against tan skin. Sorry, that’s probably too many details.

So I put it on and then put on a t-shirt and shorts and headed down to the pool building. There was still nobody there. I got a towel then took off the t-shirt and shorts. I felt so naughty wearing that bikini but I felt confident, too. There were windows in that building that were connected to an outdoor patio and then there were trees. So there were really no rooms looking right into the pool area or anything. It was pretty secluded and private and again, nobody around. There weren’t even any cameras in the pool area, which is pretty rare. Most places have them now. I’m out in the sticks though.

There I am in my little bikini out in public. It felt good. I just walked around the pool area a bit. I even jogged around a little to see if the bouncing would make my boobs pop out of my top. I thought it would be fun to make one pop out, so I loosened the strings a little and did some jumping jacks. Yup – that did it. One popped out.

Ok, I’m a dork.

I left my top loose and got into the whirlpool. It felt good. I was still alone, so I slipped off my bikini bottoms in the water. I let them go free and watched them float around the whirlpool. It was a rush knowing that someone could walk in and I’d have to scramble to get them back on.

There was a towel rack right near by so I got another idea. I got out of the whirlpool (still had the bottoms off) and grabbed a towel to put around my waist. I could then walk around the pool area bottomless – so I did! I got over to where you walk into the pool and then walked in with the towel on. As I swam around, the towel slipped off. It was nearby if I needed to grab it but at this point, I’m bottomless in the pool and my bikini bottoms are over in the whirlpool swimming around. If someone came in, I’d have some explaining to do probably but that gave it even more of a thrill!

Still there was nobody around. I thought, what the heck. I got the towel in the water, took off my top, put it in the towel and threw it from the pool into the whirlpool! Now my entire bikini was way over in the whirlpool and I was completely naked! It felt great.

I swam around for a few minutes, then made a dash for the whirlpool. I jumped in, got my bikini back on – not easy to do in the water and then felt better. I really didn’t want any kids to come in or anything. That would have been bad. None did. Nobody came in or saw me.

I then stayed in the whirlpool for a little while and relaxed. I got out, dried off, put my shirt and shorts on and headed back to my room. As I was leaving the pool area, I noticed something that I didn’t see before – a camera! I don’t know how I missed it. My heart sunk! Somebody probably saw all that. Wow, I really did some dorky stuff. How embarrassing! I quickly made my way back to my room and sort of replayed what I did down there.

I then started thinking that maybe nobody was watching it. There wasn’t much staff around and maybe they just have it recording in case they need to go back and watch it for liability reasons or something.

I left the next day and nobody said anything, so I think I got away with it.

Anyway, there’s my dorky story about skinny dipping. Next time, I’ll look a little harder for security cameras!

Thanks, Sarah! Good story. You’re not a dork!



  1. Very interesting story! That sounds exactly like the kind of stuff I do–sort of a progression of naughtiness.
    I liked it a lot.

  2. I used to lots of personal dares like that, but the problem is that after awhile you can get bored challenging yourself! One I did do to push my own envelope, was to write down dares, say ten dares, on individual pieces of paper. These would go in difficulty from easy to way, way difficult. Then I would fold the dares up and randomly choose about half – or some other number – throwing the rest out. Then I would have to do the dares that were left. Sometimes, sometimes! I would get a series of real whoppers that would get my blood pumping! Email me if you want more info!

  3. A wonderful story. What would Sarah think if she learned someone from the hotel saved a copy of the video for their own entertainment?

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