Skinny Dipping at a Strip Club?


Here’s one we got from Tom:

This might sound strange and it’s not really skinny dipping but a gentleman’s club (ok, a strip club) that I went to offered shower dances with the girls there. What you get for $150 is 3 songs with a girl in a shower they have set up in a side room (the bouncer guy is close by but not right there). The girl is naked and the guy puts on a pair of swim trunks. They dance and you sort of get to soap them up – you have to hold the soap spongy thing while touching them. There are 3 shower heads there and they run out of hot water kind of quickly, so 3 songs is just about right.

Anyway, I decided to try it. It was fun but sort of quick. I kind of played dumb with the girl and was able to change clothes (get naked) right in front of her. I did that at the end, too. She didn’t mind and said, “Well, you’ve seen me naked.” Also, the string on the shorts was knotted where I could not tighten them, so they sort of kept falling down. I must be a thinner guy than most that go in there or something.

Again, it was fun but not really worth the money in my opinion. I haven’t seen any other clubs offer this but I don’t really go to too many – just a few. I did get her to towel me off, so that was good. Also, you have to tip them after it, too. They’re hard working girls!


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