Skinny Dipping at Night

Natalie shares this story of sharing a dip with family and new friends:

My aunt was getting married so my brother, mom, dad, and I went to Miami and stayed in a fancy hotel with an outdoor pool.

During our first night there, our parents went out to a restaurant with some family members. My brother and I stayed at the hotel and decided to go to the pool. There was no one there except for four people, since it was getting dark outside. I was glad I brought my new bikini with me.

I got into the pool with my brother and realized that I felt like skinny dipping. The four other people were in the hot tub so they couldn’t see us. I told my brother that I was going to skinny dip. It had been so many years since my brother had seen my naked body and my boobs were fairly large and my vagina had some hair.

I stripped my bikini off and I quickly jumped into the water. It felt so nice. My brother dared me to come out of the water. I knew he wanted to see my body. I came out and I could see that he was eyeing all of my privates. I told him to come out and show me his. It was pointing right up at me. We got back in the water and he got me on his back. He ran around and my boobs jiggled.

I decided to walk past the four other girls and boys naked. They wanted to join is skinny dipping. We had so much fun.

Nice that you have such a good, trusting relationship with your brother! Thanks for sharing your story.


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