Skinny Dipping Dare

Mark sent this story from New Zealand:

I have always been a keen skinny dipper and will drop my clothes and be in at the drop of a hat. This particular time I was dared by an friend to skinny dip and send her some proof. This was supposed to be a reciprocal agreement but I’m still waiting lol. Needless to say I didn’t need too much encouragement.

For my job I travel all around New Zealand but needed to be in the right place at the right time. The opportunity arose one afternoon to go for it on a fairly deserted beach just north of Dunedin. It’s a long beach and never many people around so once on the beach I stripped off to do my favorite nude thing which is walking down the beach naked.

I walked to the end of the beach (about a 15 minute walk) which I had to myself and videoed myself going for my dip so nothing really exciting there. Once I had had enough I got out and went and sat on a log to dry out and edit and sent the video to my friend as proof.

However while sitting there I suddenly heard a voice very near by asking if this is where the penguins come ashore. I turned around two find two English lady tourists standing there who had apparently been sitting in the sand hills all along. A wee bit embarrassing at the time but they didn’t seem to care and I’m not exactly shy so all was good. After explaining that they weren’t at the right beach for the penguins we walked back to our respective vehicles chatting all the way only stopping a few hundred meters from the car park for me to put some shorts on.

An interesting afternoon.

Thanks Mark! It always amazes–and pleases–me when taking a risk has nice side benefits, particularly meeting interesting people.



  1. When you skinny dip always know someone might be watching. Makes it fun and interesting.

  2. I went skinny dipping with my girlfriend when I was 17 and she was 16. Barbara had an unbelievable body and was shy at first but experiencing a sexual awakening that summer as I was (we were both virgins at the time). We dove into the Pacific Ocean in San Diego late one night with another couple we knew. I still have a strong visual in my head even though it was 1963.

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