Skinny Dipping for the First Time

Mike sent in this story about his first time:

This is a brief story about my first skinny dipping. It all happened some time ago when I was on vacation at my friend’s house. They lived in a small farm, so during the hot summer days there wasn’t many things to do. So we spent lots of time at the river nearby, swimming, fishing, etc.

I didn’t have any bathing suit with me that time so I mostly stayed in the water just in my underwear (so later I was forced to go back to house commando :)).

One time, I don’t remember why, but I decided to stay a bit away from my friends and just tried to relax in the deep water. (Not so deep; my head and arms where above the surface.) Since I was almost alone and none of them could see under the water, I decided to try something new. I don’t know why this idea came to my mind. I started to slip my swimsuit (just some regular undies) down. At the time I was really scared that someone might notice me, so I was trying to look around and see if anybody was near.

Luckily I was alone for few minutes, so soon I was completely naked in the water, holding my undies in hand trying to hold them as hard as I could–I didn’t want to lose them! 🙂

The feeling of water all around my body was so great that I didn’t want to leave. So exciting and overwhelming. I will skip some details and jump right to the end–soon I decided it’s time for me to go so I put my swimsuit on and moved back to my friends.

Basically that’s all. Since that time I’ve learned to love to swim nude. I have lots of others stories I would like to share.

And we look forward to reading them! Thanks, Mike.



  1. 1st time is always fun and exciting. Hopefully you get to do it more.

  2. Yeay, it was very exciting experience for me, still remember it, if you agree I may try to add other episodes from that summer vacations 🙂

  3. Swimming naked is the best! My wife’s brothers and i rented a house in Hawaii for a week while their sister was getting married. When they’d go off to rehearsal I’d swim naked in the backyard by myself. The place was very private and fenced so no worries about neighbors or being seen. It was dreamy. If I had a place like that I’d be out there every day!

  4. I agree, I try whenever I can swim naked – I think I don’t even have a swimsuit right now 🙂 I love go for a hike and explore new places knowing that somewhere at the trial I will find secluded spots where I could jump into the water 🙂

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