Skinny Dipping for the First Time!

Here’s one we got in from Paige:

I was at the beach, with some friends, and my mom and their moms. My friends were on shore, looking for shells. The moms were sitting on shore talking, of course. I was the only one from the group out in the water. I was about 15 feet away from a middle aged couple and a family with kids. I was where the water was up to my neck.

I’ve been wanting to skinny dip for soooo long. I was so wanting to feel how it was, water brushing against ALL of my body. This was a public beach, and not a nude one, and there were people close enough to me where I could hear their conversation. So, I went underwater, pulled my bottoms down to about my knees, and moved the triangles of my top of my string bikini to where they were on my back. I still had the strings on, but my chest was free. I swam around low, on the bottom of the ocean. I didn’t really feel a full affect, so I put my swimsuit back to normal and went above the water. I kept on trying, but it didn’t really work.

Well, at my house I have a pool – in ground, and a fenced in yard. So, when I got home from the beach, I told my mom I was gonna go “rinse off” in the pool. Everyone was home, mom, dad, brother, dog. I hopped in. I loosened the top to my swimsuit a little bit, and got our huge float, and placed it above me. I took my bottoms off, and then my top. I held them in hand, and kept the big float close by. I swam just underneath the float, taking big strokes.

Then, I got a little bit more daring. I moved the float out of the way, and did a couple laps only from side to side. Wow! It felt GREAT! I didn’t do much more, since I had a feeling my parents would walk outside any minute. I got a little circular tube, stuck my head in it, and took my sweet precious time to put it all back on. Overall, the failed skinny dipping turned into a great one(:



  1. Nice story, Paige; thank you for sharing. Don’t think of the first situation as a failure, but merely as a different way to try it out.

    Keep up the great work and we look forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks! My friend thought of swimming topless in my pool, and we’ve done it twice now and it our little joke.

  3. This reminds me of the time where i went to a public beach, went really far and just slipped my suit off in the water. So liberating.

  4. I like to read these stories. I could never do it myself. As a child i was forced to be nude & do sexual stuff; so for me your stories are therapy. Nudity is a source of great stress for me. I even got nervous around my wife. I wish i could be comfortable being nude around other people.

  5. Great story, Paige! Hope you still check this site out. My wife and her friend used to swim topless at the friend’s pool when they were 14 or so (didn’t learn this until we’d been married a while). Don’t think they ever went totally naked – but they should have! I got to – once – and I never forgot it!

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