Skinny Dipping in a Creek

J sent in this story about happy memories at a remote cabin:

Wife and I have gone to a cabin in the woods that is by a small creek. The property is owned by some friends of ours. We have gone there for a few years and the first year we went I was able to strip naked and go skinny dipping in the creek and also walk around outside naked and laying in the sun. It is so much fun being naked outside with a slight chance of being seen. I have spent hours there outside naked and playing in the water.

One year the owners were not home and I walked out in the open on the secluded property naked; I could have been easily seen if someone was to come on the property. I also liked to take fairly long walks naked that year when owner was not home. It felt soooooooooo good.

One time when we were there I was naked on the deck sitting and relaxing. There were two fellows and and a girl who come walking up the creek fishing. I stayed sitting and I don’t think they knew I was naked. but I don’t know for sure. I told them the owner didn’t want them fishing on his property and so they turned around and walked back from where they came and left the property.

My wife was sitting beside me and she was clothed because she will not go outside naked. If she wasn’t there I might have gotten up to tell them to leave so they could see I was naked LOL. I missed not being able to go there this year, because be I love being naked outside and playing in the Creek. 

Hope you enjoyed my story.

Thanks, J! Indeed we did. Quite impressive to use nakedness as a power play!


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