Skinny Dipping in Deep Clay Mud

Brian sent in this interesting variation on classic skinny dipping:

This summer I went to one of the local 4-wheel drive parks and had a roaring good time as usual camping drinking and listening to music. Luckily this time there was barely anybody there in the whole 400 acres. There are 6 deep large red clay mud pits and several smaller ones. My favorite thing to do there is to take mudbaths in the nude and do some naked mudsliding, which I usually do at night. This time with the lack of people I was able to do it in the middle of the day then go skinny dipping in the river to clean off. Felt great in the hot southern sun. If you’ve never been skinny dipping in the mud I highly recommend it to all.

Hmm. Sounds like great fun, and wonderful for the skin! I’ll have to try that sometime. Thanks!



  1. Mud skinny dipping is the best! And yes Jen, you should definitely try this! Who knows, maybe you, Brian, and myself can all get together and go some day…

  2. That would be fantastic!

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