Skinny Dipping in Front of Inlaws

Juan sent in this story about “coming out” to his inlaws:

I’ve loved skinny dipping since I was a child and I have some interesting stories to share, so I’ll start with something that happened a few years ago.

My parents-in-law own a small cottage in the country. We were spending some time there while they were on vacation with their young daughter, and every night, since we were alone, I used to skinny dip in their pool.

The night they returned home, after having dinner in the garden, my wife asked me if I wasn’t going for my night swim and I said “Sure, why not.” I asked if anyone wanted to join me but they declined, so I grabbed my towel and headed for the pool, obviously wearing my swimming trunks, and got into the pool.

Then my wife asked with when a innocent tone of voice “You’re a bit overdressed tonight for your habit,don’t you think?” I looked at her with a surprised face, and she explained to their parents and sister that I’d been skinny dipping the nights when they weren’t home.

My mother-in-law looked surprised and asked “Really?,” and my sister-in-law said “Come on, don’t be shy.” And then my wife added “He won’t dare.” I replied “You bet?” And finally she said “Come on, we’re family, let’s give us a little show.”

That was more than I needed to hear, so I took my swimshorts off and threw them out of the pool. They were all laughing and cheering me.

My sister-in-law took her camera phone and asked my wife for permission to take some photos, and my wife consented.

After some splashing around, I decided it was time to get out so I went to the ladder. When I was climbing my sister-in-law asked me to stop so she could take a pic of my butt. I obliged.

I got out and my wife asked me to turn around, and I did, on top of the ladder, covering my parts, until she dared me again telling me “hands up,” and I did it while my sister-in-law was taking some pics.

No need to say they had a lot of fun with it.

Thanks, Juan! I look forward to more stories!



  1. james kahler jr. says

    I would like go in the woods feel the warmth sun on my body and walk along the big open wide range scenic view naked and feel free animal wild like explore the land and enjoy it .no one can you what to do you are alone and jump up and down and say yessss!!!!oh,wow.Ijut love it so much .

  2. It is nice that the wife did not mind that her mom and sister got a view of you naked nothing wrong with skinny dipping with family or friends etc. Long as both are comfy with it.

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