Skinny Dipping in Neighborhood Pond

Here’s a good one from Kylee:

538_3929528I’m Kylee and one evening I was home alone with my friend Mady. We are both sophomores in high school. My parents had gone out to dinner and we had gotten bored. She suggested to me that we skinny dip, not in my pool, but in the neighborhood pond. I was a little nervous, but I agreed.

Mady then took it up a another level. She said that we had to leave our clothes in my house. I thought about this for a little bit, but eventually I agreed. My house was next to a park and the lake was on the other side of the park. It was dark and no one was outside. The park was a large, grassy area with a play structure in the center.

We opened the door and took off across the park. What a thrill!! The air whistled past my naked body as we ran through the park. I reached the pond before Mady and I dove in. It was the most amazing feeling! I felt so free as the water swirled around all parts of my body. It also gave me a thrill to know that I was completely naked in the pond, and there was nothing anywhere near me to cover up with.

We splashed around for a while before getting out. I still felt so amazing after I got out, with the water dripping off my body. We started dancing as we made our way back to our house. It was amazing. We walked back to our house and stayed naked until my parents got back.

We both want to go again, so if you have any dares, let me know.

I’m sure our readers can come up with some dares for you!



  1. yea nothing wrong with being risky and sounds like you both had fun being naked

  2. Can’t go wrong with a mud bath!

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