Skinny Dipping in Secret

Casey sent in this story about stealth skinny dipping:

Nudity in all its forms was highly discouraged when I was growing up. I wore clothes in all situations outside of bathing, because my parents would become very cross on the few rare occasions that I was accidentally nude in their presence.

But one summer day, I was swimming alone in our pool, with a bathing suit on, when I started to consider how uncomfortable and pointless wearing a swimsuit can be. I started taking it off, but then thought that if anyone was watching me, they’d think that I was some kind of weirdo for taking my clothes off. So I decided that it needed to look like an accident. I got out of the pool, I loosened up my bottoms as much as I could, and I dove in. When I dove in, my bottoms fell completely off! I was shocked, but it was such a rush! It was my first experience ever feeling so free and uninhibited in the water, it was incredibly refreshing.

I was terrified someone would see me, but it felt so good that after a little bit, I started to ignore that fear. From that point forward, whenever swimming alone, I would take off my swimsuit as soon as I got in the water and swim around completely naked. When I was sure I’d have the pool to myself for several hours, I would even be brave enough to sunbathe naked outside of the pool, but never with my swimsuit very far away, just in case.

I never ever wanted to get caught, since my parents probably would have thought I was some kind of sexual deviant for enjoying skinny dipping. But the risk of being caught was kind of exciting despite that. So much so, that if I was feeling particularly confident, I would leave my swimsuit in the house and walk out to the pool, completely naked!

I had a lot of fun on my own back then, and I still skinny dip any chance I get.

Frankly, Casey, I want to hear more about how you were ever “accidentally nude”! Thanks for sending in your story.



  1. I liked your story and yes feel free to share the times you were accidently seen if you care to, How did they act and what did they see? Think 1st time anyone is caught naked its both embarrassing and a little turn on/rush etc.

  2. Well, when I was young and first discovering my sexuality and the fun of Nudity, I would take off my pajamas under the covers after everyone had gone to bed and sleep in the nude. It was a little challenging since I shared a room with my brother, but it was worth it most nights. One night, though, my dad woke me up while I was sleeping naked, and he was very confused and upset, and explicitly discouraged me from doing that ever again. Situations like that are what I meant when I was “accidentally nude in their presence”.

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