Skinny Dipping in the Creek

Rich sent this story about skinny dipping with a muddy twist:

I grew up on a farm. There was either a large creek or a small river–however you want to describe it–that ran along one boundary. It was in thick woods and there was a place where the water depth was over our heads so the kids around, all boys, regularly skinny dipped on hot days. We never thought of wearing suits in the creek.

Time passed and we’re mostly seniors in high school or out of school. That day there were five of us, including a cousin of one of the boys, was visiting from a city in the north and were killing time next to the creek. It was hot, and one of the boys told her how we swam in that pool when nobody was around. We called it jaybird swimming.

She said, “don’t mind me,” and we all looked at each other. We put our clothes on bushes so they wouldn’t get muddy and jumped in. There was a big rock on one side of the creek where we always jumped in, and after a while seeing us doing that and splashing each other, and trying to splash her, she took her clothes off. She hesitated a little at the underwear, but after some cajoling, we said she had to be naked if she was going to jaybird swim with us.

I had seen my mom naked a number of times. My parents didn’t believe the body was shameful. But I had never seen a real, live girl naked before and I don’t believe the rest of the boys had either. Dierdre had medium-long strawberry blonde hair on her head and curly strawberry blonde pubic hair. (Girls didn’t shave in those days). She jumped in and joined the fun and noticed a couple of the boys, me included, wouldn’t get out of the water. She said she understood about hard-ons and we were just as natural with one as without one, so we started climbing up on the rock and jumping in again.

Then it came time to leave. We were standing around drip-drying and one of the cousins throws a handful of mud (there was lots of that around) at another boy and a mud fight broke out. That turned into smearing mud all over ourselves and I got to smear Dierdre’s back, but not her bottom. Then we all jumped in the creek and washed off the mud. Dierdre’s hair dried out by the time we got back to the farm house and we had hamburgers on the grill in the back yard.

During supper, her mother notices some dried mud in her hair and asks where how she got it.

So the youngest cousin, the one who started the mud fight, says, “We got in a mud fight.”

And Dierdre’s mom says, “How did you manage not to get mud on your clothes?”

She and my mom could tell from all the shit-eating grins exactly how that happened.

Dierdre’s moms says, “Nice girls don’t swim in the creek with the boys.” Whereupon Dierdre says, “I may be a virgin but I’m not a nice girl.”

The rest of us boys looked intensely at our plates hoping no one would say anything to us.

Ha! I like Dierdre already! Thanks for sharing this, Rich!



  1. Sounds like a good time nothing wrong with boys and girls swimming naked long as both are 100% comfy with it as in this story sounds like that was the case.

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