Skinny Dipping in Italy

Tobias sent this story about a pretty amazing skinny dipping adventure.

First of all, sorry for my English. It is not my first language, so there will be a lot of mistakes. [No problem, Tobias! You did beautifully. – Jen]

I play in a youth orchestra in Germany and in October of last year we went on a tour in northern Italy. I have a very close group of friends (4 girls and 4 boys) in this orchestra and we were really looking forward to this tour. We were hoping for some nice weather and a good time. We stayed in a luxurious hotel very close to the beach.

The first night we arrived some friends and I, after a few drinks, decided to go to the beach for a swim. When we got to the beach we were hesitant though, it was a lot colder then we thought. But in the end, everybody joined in. We did this with two other guys and a girl. The girl casually let on that the girls of this group of friends were planning to go skinny dipping the last night of the tour. This was of course great news. Especially because there is one girl in this group (Emma) that I have had a huge crush on since pretty much the beginning of time. After this drunk swimming moment we never discussed it anymore however.

During the week Emma and I got really close. And finally, after months of texting and flirting we had our first kiss. My tour already could not get any better, I thought. Because then came the last night.

After our last concert we got back to the hotel. The bar was already closed since it was already past midnight. But the hotel staff had told us that it was fine if we stayed in the bar and we could even bring our own drinks. So we did. I had not forgotten what the girl had said the first night, and was hoping there would still be some skinny dipping despite the awful weather we had for the entire week. Really not what we had in mind when we heard we would be going to Italy.

At around 3 AM however most people were going to their rooms and I had given up hope. I also went to my room, which I shared with a friend, to have a shower and go to bed. But when I was about to enter the shower, only wearing a towel around my waist, my buddy entered the room. He had clearly been running because he was red as a tomato and out of breath. “THE GIRLS HAVE GONE TO THE BEACH!!” he shouted. That was all I needed to hear. It was on. Showtime. I quickly looked for my swimming trunks and put them on. And almost forgot the key of the room. The other two guys of our group of friends were already waiting for us in the hotel hall.

We ran to the beach and from a distance we could already see four completely naked bodies in the water. We quickly got rid of our trunks and ran into the water. The girls cheered as they saw us approaching. We have been friends for a long time but I had never seen any of them completely naked. But there was no shame from anyone whatsoever. All girls looked amazing. Great body’s and really nice breasts. This was heaven. It was really cold, but for once my penis decided not to show that, for which I was really grateful.

Emma complimented me on my ‘’big boy’’ as she called it and I complimented her on her amazing body. Really. She could be a Victoria’s Secret model. With her beautiful long blond hair, nice firm breasts, and an amazing butt. But most beautiful of all were here eyes. It sounds weird. First time I see my dream girl naked and I couldn’t stop looking at those bright blue eyes you could drown in.

We were talking, laughing, swimming and touching a bit under water but we also felt a bit awkward with all the others around so we didn’t go any further then that. After a few minutes we saw some people approaching on the beach. We were afraid that they were hotel staff, until we saw them stripping down as well and plunging into the water. Turned out, our little skinny dipping adventure hadn’t gone unnoticed and other orchestra members started joining as well!

Every few minutes a new wave of beautiful naked people joined our naked party in the sea. Also people of which I really didn’t expect it. People that were usually a bit quiet and shy suddenly were jumping around naked in the water with us. In the end there were like 20 people I think.

After 30 minutes I was really cold though and felt like going back to my room. Some people had brought clothes with them and stayed in the hotel bar, but I only had my swimming trunks and really needed to warm up in a shower. But when I got back to the beach I couldn’t find my room key. Luckily my friend also had a key of our room so he gave his key to me. I didn’t bother to put my trunks on for the walk through the hotel. It was 4 o’clock in the morning so the hotel was quiet. And it was quite a thrill to run through the hotel corridors butt naked. I don’t think anybody saw me.

While I was showering I thought about what had just happened. I couldn’t believe it. During this half hour in the sea my group of friends had become even closer then we were. We had some new friends. And I had seen my beautiful new girlfriend naked for the first time.

Then the bathroom door opened. I assumed it was my roommate and since we had seen each other naked now anyway I didn’t bother to cover up. But then I realized that it couldn’t be him since I had used his key to git into the room. Then I got scared, maybe it was hotel staff??? The door opens further and there is Emma. Still completely naked and more beautiful then ever. Turns out she had stolen my key on the beach while everybody was skinny dipping. She looked at me with this naughty look and I think you can guess what happened next. We stayed in that shower for a veeeerry long time. And then she stayed with me for the rest of the night. I think my friend knew that she was there, because he didn’t come back to our room and left us alone.

So, what’s the rest of the story, Tobias? A happy-ever-after ending? I hope so!



  1. Great way to start a relationship skinny dipping and sharing a shower and the night together.

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