Skinny Dipping at Manly Dam

Seb sent this story of a nice memory in a very public place down under:

This story is one of my original skinny dipping stories and one of the most memorable.

I was sitting at home on a hot summers day and had recently been experimenting with being naked in the bushland (Australia) near my house. This particular day i decided it would be an interesting experience to go for a quick skinny dip at the nearby dam. Keep in mind the dam isn’t a small one with no one around; it is very large (a few acres) with speed boats and people swimming near the entrance.

I walked into the entrance of the dam and saw how many people there were, and that this spot wouldn’t do. So i continued walking until I came across a small beach area that couldn’t be seen from any of the picnic tables. I put down my bag and took off my shirt. I wasn’t wearing boxers so i went in to waist depth in just my board shorts. Then I came out and stood on the sand looking for anyone that might see me, and when I was satisfied it was unlikely I stripped off my shorts and slowly walked into the water. I dived under and felt how wonderful it was.

I could see that there were people that could see me but they seemed to take no notice. so I continued to frolic and floated around for a bit. It was late in the evening so when dark came I reluctantly put on my clothes and walked home.

Can’t wait till next time!

Thanks, Seb! Sounds like a great place to enjoy the Australian bush!


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