Skinny Dipping in the Neighbors Pool

Kylee sent in a great story about an amazing afternoon with a couple of friends. And a new one!

Hello! My name is Kylee and I am going to be a freshman in college. One day during the summer, my friends Jessica and Mady were over at my house. We were hanging out by the pool and tanning.

Out of the blue, Mady suggests that we go skinny dipping. Now, it was the middle of the day and I’m pretty sure our neighbors could see into our backyard. However, I didn’t want to show Mady any signs of weakness or I knew I’d never hear the end of it. I quickly untied my bikini top and pushed my tiny little bottoms down my legs until they were hanging loosely over my toes. I kicked them over the wall into our neighbor’s backyard. Mady and Jessica looked dumbfounded that I would agree so quickly, so I grabbed my top and threw it over the wall as well. After that, Mady took off her bikini and I cheered as she did a twirl for me completely naked. Before Mady could stop me, I grabbed her bikini and it followed mine over the wall into our neighbor’s yard. We couldn’t convince Jessica to take off her bikini, she was too shy. More fun for Mady and me, I guess!

We swam around in the pool for a while before being convinced that nothing was going to happen, and went back to tanning. It felt amazing to lay there with my entire body exposed and the sun washing over it. I definitely won’t have any tan lines after that!

After a while Jessica offered to take some photos of Mady and me. I love posing for photos and modeling and it was no different if I was naked! Mady and I playfully covered up our private areas at first before letting Jessica take photos of us completely naked. She took photos of us posing, tanning, swimming in the pool, and floating on one of the air mattresses. It was such a thrill to pose naked, I have never felt so sexy! I work really hard to keep my body in great shape, so let me tell you, it felt awesome to show it off.

We must have taken photos for almost an hour. We were all having a great time and I was just about to ask Jessica again if she wanted to skinny dip with when we heard a knock on our yard gate. Mady and I both turned red. We turned to Jessica to help us out, but she declined, saying that we had to get ourselves out of this one. Mady and I approached the gate, which was partially see-through with our hands trying unsuccessfully to cover our private areas. We opened the gate and it was one of our neighbors who lived next to us. They were an elderly couple whose kids had moved out awhile ago. Luckily, it was the wife who was standing at the gate.

“Did you lose some bikinis?” She asked playfully.

“Yes, we did!” I said.

“I thought so. I don’t mind if you’re naked by the way. I had teenagers once, so I know how they can be, and I’m totally finally with nudity at this point!” she said as she began to laugh. “How did they end up in my yard?”

“We were skinny dipping and I thought it would be more of a thrill if our bikinis weren’t in our backyard,” I said as I let my hands drop down to my sides, exposing my body to her. I noticed Mady did the same.

She nodded and laughed as I explained.

“Well, here are your bikinis if you want them back. Have fun skinny dipping and don’t worry about being naked around me, I was young too once!” she said. “In fact, if you ever want to come over and go skinny dipping, just ask me! My husband technically is retired, but he still keeps in touch with work and is gone quite often. I would love the company!”

“Can we come over right now?” I asked.

“Absolutely! My husband won’t be back until later tonight.” She said.

Jessica had to go home, but Mady and I went over to the neighbors’ house for a while and had a great time tanning, swimming, and being naked the whole time.

After we finished tanning, she invited us in for dinner. We both said yes, and what a thrill it was to be in someone else’s house completely naked with no clothes to cover up. After dinner Mady and I were both so turned on that we made out while lying on her couch. The cool leather of her couch felt amazing on my bare skin and Mrs. Morris was totally cool with us doing that, and was overall just a super chill person. Mady has a super nice body and although I usually prefer boys, it was fun to mess around with her since she’s my best friend and we were both so turned on.

We eventually had to head home and my parents laughed when they saw us walk in the house completely naked, but didn’t really say anything or ask us about it. (Mady and I are naked all the time in my house so it’s not a huge surprise.)

This was a great experience skinny dipping and I hope to go again sometime!

Ah, if only every skinny dipping experience could be this nice! Wonderful that you were open to new experiences.



  1. Sounds like a amazing time for you and your friends naked in the pool and comfy even in front of the woman next door and that your parents where also comfy with you and your friend being naked

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