Skinny Dipping on Vacation

We got a story from Zeb to share:

As a kid, I dammed up a gully on a yellow clay hillside and caught several feet of slimy yellow mud. I played in it nude (so I would not get my clothes muddy) and walked a quarter mile to the pond to wash so I could dress. I do not consider that to be “skinny dipping”

Fast forward a quarter century and we were on a family vacation collecting rocks in Central Texas.

Late one afternoon, we were visiting a rancher about five miles off the highway, way out on his ranch. We asked his recommendation of a place to camp for the night and he pointed to a gate. He told us to go through it and through the second (both to be closed behind us, as he had cattle) and we would find a freshly-dug rock bottom cattle pond.

He suggested that if we like, we could swim after dark and that we probably didn’t have swim suits but “no one uses them out here.” So we went down, made out beds under the stars on deep, thick Bermuda grass, ate supper and spent a couple of very pleasant hours playing in the water nude.

During the night, we were visited by a huge, shaggy friendly sheep dog, and then were awakened the next morning by a herd of inquisitive calves. Over all, it was a very delightful vacation.

That sounds like about the perfect place to do it. I hope the water was good!



  1. I was having a fun bright morning in my house before leaving later that night to go get a swimming lesson

    I had reached the building no one was there accept me and my coach i jumped in with my new swim suit.

    I did a few drills when my teacher started taking her suit off. ( she was 15 and I’m 15 )

    i stared at her and she said come on join me, i hesitated and then suddenly she came and took it off my speedos off me.

    she said i have some nice junk and that i had a big boner then she started feeling me and we made out and f@#$cked each other for hours

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