Skinny dipping or strip poker?

Which do you think is more fun?


  1. hmm I’d have to pick strip poker, as get the thrill of watching them strip. Then maybe some skinny dipping after wards.

  2. strip poker.

  3. mrliteman001 says

    strip poker then skinny dipping with the losers……

  4. Skinny dipping

  5. I can’t play poker so it would have to be skinny dipping.

    Anyway, I love swimming!

  6. PrairieDog says

    i like both but the 2nd is warmer

  7. Strip Poker…with girls.

  8. Skinny dipping

  9. connorshipway says

    Neither. I prefer my poker to be sane and safe, thank you very much. As for skinny dipping, well, bathing suits have become quite cheap nowadays.

  10. skinny dipping much much better. Why? makes you clean and refresh.

  11. skinny dipping, because you can feel around underwater

  12. Skinny dipping because you can do things in the water that no-one knows about!!!

  13. Farm bred, grain fed, all natural says

    There is no reason to have to choose. I have done both, and I think it works well to skinny dip in the summer, and play strip poker in the winter.

  14. amimarie_roberts says

    can we do both?

  15. Honestly, Strip poker. One, you can see the person fully naked (yay). Second, you get to watch them strip (sexy). Third, if you’re good, you can dominate. Although you don’t really get to get close at the table like you do in the pool.

  16. Sir Narnian says

    Skinny-dipping is the best.

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