Skinny Dipping Party

Here’s what happened at Bill’s wild party:

609_3507732I was hosting a party for my work. It originally was just a house party but I had a pool out back and it was hot outside. It was all my friends from work as well as their girlfriend/boyfriend or spouses.

An hour after everybody arrived things were getting well… dull. My girlfriend whispered to me perhaps I could invite everyone for a swim. Now my girlfriend and I are nudists and neither of us wear underwear unless it was formal or necessary. I then invited everybody out back to the pool.

When my best friend announced he was going to go for swim, he asked if anybody would mind if he and his girlfriend swam nude. Nobody had a real problem with it so they jumped in. My girlfriend then peeled off her dress and joined them. Eventually, I did as well.

Well we were all swimming nude within a hour and many couples were kissing and some had gotten a bit sexual. My girlfriend and I had kissed and she had grabbed my penis when I rubbed her pale full breasts. Well, I had decided to spice up the party even more by turning on some music and speakers and started dancing nude with my girlfriend. Others also joined.

Now a bunch of people at work and some of their partners loved to play football/soccer. Since my house and property are generally remote, we had a rough game of football against each other. My girlfriend loved to play and at one point tackled one of my friends. We stopped playing since we were all covered in mud and decided to all take turns in the outdoor shower.

My outdoor shower is fairly large and can fit 5-10 people in it at once. We got everybody showered in two showers but a lot of people we squished against other so some people including me had my girlfriend’s breasts against my chest and my penis touching her vagina lips with one of my friend’s attractive girlfriends butt against my butt. My girlfriend did have her butt against my friend’s butt and we were both okay about it.

Eventually, when everyone left my girlfriend and I still nude hopped in the pool and made out and had intercourse. A very great afternoon of my life.

You’ll have to send us an invite next time!


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