Skinny Dipping Party

Samantha sent in this short story about skinny dipping in college:

Last month I attended a college party that turned into a skinny dipping party.

The house we were at had a large, secluded backyard with a large pool and hot tub. People hesitated at first, but then gave in and took their clothes off. There were probably at least 15 or so naked college kids partying the night away. It didn’t take long for the guys to get boners. It was awkward at first, but as the night went on people got more comfortable and stopped caring. Things got pretty wild in the pool when people (myself included) started having chicken fights.

Unfortunately, there were cameras and pictures were taken. Hopefully nobody will share them!

Thanks, Samantha! Send us more!



  1. Was in a campground Off season Smoke Very good Weed I thought to myself I was smoking a cigarette outside this place is quite So I got some guts Wanna get naked So I can carry my shorts I said Places quiet don’t you to see me Walk to the Lake Get me naked I said to myself I Wanna do this one time So I said Let’s do My fantasy dream that Never had a The guts to do this Search For good spot if we have To Turn back Naked It’s Where 3 morning No one’s gonna see me So I’m walking naked Just like cigarets and lighter on Me So I’m very cocky I’m Walking to Lake I said to myself is just awesome I wasn’t Getting A woody For great be naked 3 people The did this I’m almost at the Lake Not pay attention When a Pick up truck I recognize the truck I knew these people I Panic Big time At 1st Didn’t sink in I saw the truck And Realized I was completely naked So right away I went to Nearest tree to try to hide No this Can’t be happened To me I have a huge Woody I have to control This well Is Can’t be Stop at this point I Dove behind a tree They go by Didn’t see me Being totally naked If so awesome 2 minutes in the Lake Now take a dip Clean myself up move it had rained earlier that evening So Bare feet were dirty But I love being barefoot I didn’t bother me At all dirty feet But my legs and stomach were dirty Laying on the ground I look around and sees me Take the plunge It was awesome Swim 10 minutes My walk back Was wet Got back my No one saw me It was Fun Skinny dippin Was risky but fun And to think that in Europe you have Nude beaches I What Like to see that some time in America

  2. Michael Thyfault says

    Likely no one will leak the pictures as they too are in other’s cameras. I like to think the magical time in our teen and young adult lives when we together dropped all of our societal baggage and enjoyed ourselves in our essence.

  3. Sounds like fun time with friends naked in a pool and hot tub.

  4. Growing up in the 60s I was taught to be open about going skinny dipping so I did it and love the feeling.

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