Skinny Dipping Party

I was invited to this skinny dipping party. I’m a teenage girl and I’m going there with my girlfriends but I think some boys are invited, too. It’s at someone’s house and their parents are gone. I really want to go but I’ve never done it before. I think some of them have. I’m nervous because I have some pretty big breasts. I developed early. I think I’ll get some attention with them being exposed but I don’t know if I want that attention. Part of me thinks it’ll be fun but I’m pretty nervous about it.

One of my friends said I should show up in a skimpy bikini to sort of get me used to showing more skin before I take it off. Maybe a thong. That’s what she is going to do, she said. I’ve tried a few on at the stores but my breasts almost sort of fall out. Another one of my friends had an idea of wearing like a white bikini and removing the liner so that when it gets wet it’s see though. And my other friend said she’s not even going to bring a bikini but just jump into the water naked right away.

What should I do?


  1. just some guy says

    Don’t bring any swimwear. Just a summer dress without any underwear. If you are planning to jump in with the summer dress, bring dry clothes.

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