Skinny Dipping Scare

Here’s a story from Jack:

I was about 11 when this happened my parents left me home alone. This wasn’t a big deal since it happens a lot but this time my pool was up and ready so I decided to skinny dip.

I went out and into the pool in my bathing suit and then I took it off. I had a little trouble removing it but eventually got it off and let it float around. The feeling of swimming nude was fantastic I felt free with my penis and pubes flow freely without a bathing suit. In the midst of my freedom I saw a bee buzzing towards me I screamed and ran inside forgetting my bathing suit. Thank God there was no one around then.

Later, I decided to go back out into the pool so i went out in my boxers and slipped them off behind a bush then I headed in. This time there were no bees and I could submerge myself in the water and swim around longer. I decided to have some fun so I got out and went around part of my yard visible to passing cars. I quickly realized there were more cars this time and I was visible to them. I found two plastic chairs to put around me so I was covered. Then one of the chair legs broke. After that, I made a mad dash to the sliding door. On my way, I got a honk from a passing convertible full of hot teenage girls in beach cover ups after they saw my junk. I eventually got all my clothes back and still enjoy skinny dipping.

I love your site Jen!

Thanks, Jack.



  1. awww i wish i saw u hehe

  2. YES! That first time you feel the smooth, uninhibited flow of water through your pubic hair and over your penis…. wow, I can still clearly remember that first time, even though it was over fifty years ago for me! But, for me, it was at age 14 – at age 11 I would not have had the enjoyment of the flow through my pubes, because I didn’t have any, yet! But great story!

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