Skinny Dipping with Strangers

Dan sent in this story about enjoying other people’s company…sort of:

It was late August, a warm night veiled in darkness. With schools and colleges on the verge of starting, it was seemingly the last true weekend of summer.

I was alone on the pier when they arrived, a girl and two guys. They were roughly college age, I suppose. As they talked, I began to wander away, seeking solitude and maybe another naked dip. That’s when their conversation began to pique my interest. I stopped and listened. Soon it was perfectly clear that they were discussing skinny dipping and getting ready to do so.

I made my way back. Skinny dipping with others instead of alone? I was in.

They were a bit surprised to see me, and reacted somewhat awkwardly due to their state of undress. Once I announced my intentions to join them, they all relaxed. The guys, while covering themselves with one hand, greeted me with a hand shake. The girl stripped down as far has she planned to, keeping her underwear on, while covering her breasts with her arms. I quickly stripped down to join them.

We jumped in.

The water was warm, and it flowed over my naked body, reminding how much I love skinny dipping, not just for the thrill but also for the comfort. We swam around a bit, before eventually all climbing up to the pier. The girl swam to another ladder, sadly, still working hard to cover her breasts. The guys also continued to cover themselves, but I didn’t care.

Slowly I went from trying to cover myself and fit in, to trying to keep turned away, to not even carrying at all, fully facing them and leaving only the darkness to veil my parts.

As this continued, I hoped, and the guys too I’m sure, that we could talk the girl into making things fair and dropping her bottoms. Sadly, that didn’t happen. She argued that it would give her two things to cover instead of one like us, though I had long since given up any inhibitions.

The skinny dipping probably last 10, maybe 15 minutes, but it ended far too soon for me. Then they decided to get dressed and leave, abandoning me to enjoy my nakedness alone.

The song Strangers in the Night is running through my head now. Thanks, Dan!



  1. Sounds like a great swim!! You said the girl tried her best to cover, Guessing you got a little peak. Summer swimming is great.

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