Skinny Dipping While Kayaking With a Friend

Tom sent this story about skinny dipping with a friend during a kayak trip:

I do a lot of kayaking with a group. One day a friend and I were kayaking alone in a remote wildlife area in northern Michigan. I had known her for a couple of years so we were fairly close friends. We stopped for a bathroom break, and while chatting I asked her if she had ever gone skinny dipping. She said she did once with her husband. Then she shocked me by saying that we should go skinny dipping. I had only gone skinny dipping once before with my wife when we were dating, but that was in her uncle’s pool, and not out in the woods. This was so much more exciting.

We looked for a quiet side stream where we could have some privacy since there were some other people nearby in canoes. When we found a good spot we both stripped off and dove in the water. It felt so good being naked out in the wilderness. I was hard instantly and stayed that way even in the cold water of the stream. The water was pretty shallow so we could see all of each other. At first she laughed at my erect state, but she rather enjoyed looking at it. We respected each other enough that there was no touching. We just enjoyed being naked outdoors.

I found out later that night that my friend was a closet nudist. She said that she just wanted to run through the woods naked. I couldn’t believe that I finally found a beautiful woman who loved being naked as much as I did. This was the start of several skinny dipping adventures we had.

Ah, that combines two of my favorite things to do: kayaking in the wilderness and skinny dipping! Thanks, Tom!




  1. Wow! You are very fortunate to find a friend to share that with..

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