Skinny Dipping with a Friend

Ashley sent in this nice story about discovering something new about a good friend:

Ever since freshman year of college (I’m a sophomore now), I get naked almost any chance I get. But until recently, I had always gotten naked in the privacy of my apartment, with no real risk of getting caught. But I was itching for a bigger thrill. I’ve always loved swimming and my apartment complex has a pool that I enjoy using.

I finally got to the point where one time, at my apartment complex at night, I decided to try skinny dipping in the apartment complex pool after it was closed, which I had never done before. The idea got me super excited. I went outside fully clothed, with my bikini in hand to change into. Then, with my bikini on, I got in the pool and started swimming around like normal. Then I swam to the far end of the pool and nervously pulled off my bottoms. I then dove below the water and took my top off. It was a crazy, almost numbing, rush.

I spent a lot of time swimming underwater close to the bottom of the pool, so nobody could see me from the surrounding apartments. But as I came up for the last time, I saw a very close guy friend of mine (Kyle) enter the pool area! I panicked, swam to the far end of the pool, trying to find my bikini that I had left floating there, but I couldn’t find it! It was dark and it must have floated off somewhere.

Kyle walked to my end of the pool, and all I could do was just awkwardly wave at him. He awkwardly waved back. “Hi Ashley,” he said. “What are you doing here? I thought I was the only one who swam after the pool closed. Wait… Are you naked!?” He asked as he saw my bikini bottoms that I had lost float by. I turned crimson in total em-bare-ass-ment. “Maybe,” I said. “I was planning on doing the same thing,” he said. Kyle is a skinny dipper!? I thought to myself. “Then get yourself naked and join me,” I said, not believing how bold I was being. To my surprise, Kyle removed all his clothes and jumped in the pool!

I couldn’t believe this was happening. The utter thrill of being naked with a guy (especially my friend Kyle as we had NEVER seen each other naked before) in the closed apartment pool after dark was overwhelming. My nipples were hard.

“You do this often?” I asked. “Oh yeah, to be honest I get naked any chance I get.” He said. “Me too!” I said in reply. It was at this point that I knew this was the start of a brand new, naked stage in our friendship.

After swimming around, I dared Kyle to get out and dive from the diving board. He shrugged and said, “Why not?” He exited the pool and walked onto the diving board, giving me a perfect view of his hard-on! “Someone’s excited!” I said whistling and laughing. He turned crimson. “Now I know why you wanted me to get out of the pool,” he said. “Hey, it’s not my fault your weiner’s as hard as the diving board!” I said, nearly dying laughing. “Why don’t you join me up here, and we’ll dive in together,” he said. “I think I might take you up on that offer,” I said as I climbed up the ladder out of the pool. I walked over to Kyle, swaying my hips in some foreign newfound confidence as he got a full look at my nakedness, ensuring that his soldier stayed at full attention. “I’m not the only one who’s excited,” he said referring to my hard nipples. “I guess not,” I said with a wink. I walked onto the diving board and stood by Kyle. His member was inches from my stomach. It was hard (pun intended) not to stare.

Then, without warning, Kyle pushed me into the pool! “You jerk!” I said after I splashed into the pool. Kyle laughed. I then quickly got out of the pool and ran up and essentially tackled Kyle into the pool, taking myself with him. After a subsequent splash fight, we then started to just relax, float on our backs, that sort of thing. After a while, we both got out of the pool, dried off, got dressed, and went back to our apartments. It was one of the most amazing, thrilling nights I’ve ever had. And this opened up a new chapter in me and Kyle’s friendship. We’ve had numerous other naked adventures since, but those are stories for another day.

Thanks, Ashley! We can’t wait to read more stories!


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