Skinny Dipping With Friends

Marina shares the fun times she spent with friends:

My close friends and I held a pool party with a lot of our other close friends invited. There were so many people.  After the pool party, my friends that hosted the party and I went to my house for a slumber party. We didn’t bother to change out of our swimsuits. We just wore our skimpy and small bikinis all day. We did some crazy naked dares.

At night, my parents and my sister weren’t home so we decided to go in the pool. (Our pool had lights inside so we could see in the dark.) Fifteen minutes after we got in, each of us started stripping down and seeing each other naked in the water.  We took a lot of nude photos with and without our bikinis. We took a group nude photo and a bunch of selfies while skinny dipping.

It sounds like a great party, with the best kind of fun! Thanks for sharing the story.


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