Skinny Dipping With Girlfriends

We got a few stories from Mike and we decided to put them all together, so here’s a 3-parter for you. We assume these happened at different times.

Caught Skinny Dipping

woman-skinny-dipMy girlfriend and I decided to take the boat to the lake last week. It was a beautiful, warm day and the water was a little cool, too cool for Donna, but boy, did she look good in that red bikini!

We motored into the part of the lake that is in the forest and pulled into a nice little cove, dropped the anchor and tied the bow to a tree. Donna wanted to lie on the bow and sunbathe. I walked around in the woods for a while to check it out… nice place, plenty of privacy. I went back to the boat and said I was going to swim naked, so I put on a little show and took off my bathing suit and threw it up on the swim platform.

No one was around, the sun was beating on my butt and as I swam around, it felt good! I swam kind of far from the boat when, all of a sudden, another boat came along and parked right near us, about fifty feet away – between me and my boat! There were two girls in bikinis on board, I thought, well, boaters are used to skinny dipping, so asIi swam back to the boat, I swam right by them as they watched.

I got a little excited, when one of the girls yelled over with a smile, “that’s what we like about this lake, the water is crystal clear!” I tried to grab my suit but Donna wasn’t having it. she said “oh no,” as she was standing there with my suit in her hand and a smile, “I’m not giving it back to you.” I then hear a splash and here comes the two girls, nude themselves! What a great day!

Here’s another:

My First Time Skinny Dipping

My girlfriend, my girlfriend’s sister,  her boyfriend and I went to a pond out in the country we heard about where everybody skinny dips. We wanted to go swimming. Cool! I knew I was about to see naked women and these girls were hot! I was starting to get excited if you know what I mean.

I think we were all hoping to remove our clothes in the water but when we pulled up to the parking place, there were quite a few cars there. We walked down a path into the woods and there were some people standing there sort of like guards, “no one allowed in any farther with clothes on” they said! We all looked at each other and my brother’s girlfriend said she wasn’t taking her clothes off there. Pouting, my girlfriend said “well, we came here to go swimming,” so we all stripped right there in front of everyone.

At this point in the relationship, I hadn’t seen my girlfriend naked before – nice! She and her sis looked like twins in the nude. She grabbed my arm and ran down the path towards the water. What a day!

Here’s one more:

We Ran as Fast as We Could!

My girlfriend had just gotten her driver’s license and a car, so we decided to go to the swimming hole and take a swim. We were eighteen years old, she was a beautiful brunette. I couldn’t wait to get her clothes off.

We drove down the dirt road. There wasn’t anybody around. It was dusk – perfect!

We got out of the car and she was a little nervous. She ran into a grove of bushes and came back out in a nice white bikini. She asked, “where’s your suit?” I said I hadn’t brought one, and slipped off my shorts and underpants right there in front of her. Surprise, surprise! “Fair is fair,” I said, and with a little convincing she slipped off her bathing suit.

I still get excited thinking of her when we were that age – there she was… gorgeous, long brown hair falling off the sides of her beautiful breasts.

She turned and ran into the water. I watched her butt shake as she entered the stream. I joined her. We swam and played. We were there about ten minutes and THEN, all of a sudden there was this strange mist that seemed to be comming upstream.

It kept coming closer, my girlfriend said, “what is it?” I said, “I don’t know! What the hell?”

If we hadn’t of both seen it, I would say I was imagining it…, as it got closer it took the form of a rowboat with 3 people with one standing in it COMING UP STREAM! “Let’s get the heck out of here,” I said but she was already halfway to the car!

We jumped in bare ass and I had the car moving before the doors were closed! We dressed down the street. I married that girl. This is a true story and we never went back to that swimming hole again.

Wow, those are quite the adventures… fun!


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