Skinny Dipping with My Friends

Larson sent this story about his first time:

When I was a child, about 11, my friends and I decided to go by the lake. I told my parents and they gave me permission.

So I went with my four guy friends. When we got there we thought it would be a fun idea to try skinny dipping. I unbuttoned my shirt and took off my shorts and underwear and we all put our clothes on a branch. We had fun splashing and throwing water at each others faces.

Then at the corner of my eye I saw my clothes being taken by someone. I told my friends and we ran for them but the thief got away. So even though we were 11 and had nothing to hide basically, we still had to cover up to go home through the streets. We cut a branch filled with leaves to cover up our front and our butt.

One by one we arrived home. I went through the back yard when my dog took my branch. My parents found me like that and I got spanked. Today, now that I am grown up, I take my son and tell him this story and he could go skinny dipping too sometime.

Sounds like the punishment fit the crime! But hopefully it didn’t dissuade you from going back again as you got older. Thanks for sending this!



  1. Always a good time when skinny dipping. At your age at the time not a big deal if you got caught.

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