Skinny Dipping Without Limitations

Brad sent this great story about not letting anything stop you from skinny dipping:

I’ve had a spinal cord injury for many years which left me paralyzed from the chest down. As a result, I have had to have someone assist me with my personal care on a daily basis with my most personal needs. Recently I had hired a new assistant and she had asked me if I go swimming in my pool. I had replied that it had been quite a while since I had been swimming.

Since she seemed interested in the pool, I had said sure, let’s go in today. She agreed and I went out by the pool and when she came back, she said well I’d love to go in, but I don’t have a bathing suit. So I said, well OK, maybe next time. She then said, no it’s OK, if you want to go in then we’ll go ahead and get in. So she helped me get undressed and she then said have you ever gone skinny-dipping? I said sure, but that was a while ago. I was caught off guard, but she said well let’s just go skinny-dipping if that’s OK with you. I was like OK sure, let’s do it!

So she got undressed and help me over to the edge of the pool and we floated into the water. Admittedly, it felt a little awkward for the both of us first. After 10 or 15 minutes, the nerves wore off and we spent the better part of an hour in the pool. Afterwards, she helped me back up into a chair. After that we went into my bathroom and she helped me get showered off as well as herself. It was very comfortable and we even had breakfast before we got dressed.

The next time that she was over, she was very keen to want to go back into the pool. With which I was completely fine with. This continued on for several months and it was very enjoyable. We also spent quite a bit of time laying out in the sun afterwards. Anyway, eventually her schedule and my schedule just didn’t work out and I had to try and find someone else, but unfortunately no one who was comfortable as she was skinny dipping.

Thanks for sharing that Brad! It’s great that you didn’t let stereotypes stop you from enjoying life.


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