Sneaking Out

Burton sent in this rather daring story:

I live in Utah and there aren’t many places I can go skinny dipping because I don’t live by a lake or anything.

So one night I snuck out to the canal by our house. I was about to go in, but I got cold feet and chickened out. So I went to another canal a few blocks from the other. It was a lot more secluded so I could more easily get naked.

I swam around for a while and then I realized I had gone too far down the stream. And trying to swim back up would be pointless because the water was too fast.

So I had to get out of the water and sneak back. It was only about a block. The dirt road that ran by it didn’t have many cars in it. Even though during the day there was no more than one or two cars on it at once. But it felt like forever before I got back, even though it probably was only five minutes.

I finally got back to my clothes and at first I couldn’t find them. After searching for a minute or two. I found them and went back to the first canal with new found confidence. I went down the river a bit and I started walking back when I realized someone else was on the trail. I just walked pasted her and acted like nothing was weird. She just said. “Perfect night for it!” And I was like “yup.” After that I got back into my clothes and walked down the street and back into my house.

I snuck out many other times. And plan to do it more. But that was the only time someone has seen me. So far…!

Thanks for sharing that, Burton!


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