Some ideas for a 'summer bucket list'?

I want some ideas for a summer bucket list, things I have to complete before summer ends.
I want at least 100 things. so far I only have 9. Please please help! Nothing like, go swimming, go to beach, I want things that are CRAZY. Im pretty outgoing, Ill do alot of stuff.
What I have so far:
1.Swim at midnight
2.Get kicked out of 3 stores in one day
3.Have a summer love
4.sleep out under the stars
5.Dance in a downpour
6.Play a huge and serious game of truth or dare
7.go skinny dipping
8. Make an awesome scavenger hunt
9. Build a time capsule and fill it with a CD of our favorite songs, a scrapbook of all of us that summer, and everyone put something special in it that describes you. Then dig it up after college


  1. – play ding-dong-ditch with all people in your neighborhood
    – dye your hair purple
    – invite friends for a sleepover and do makeovers, and play a prank on the first one that falls asleep
    – stay up for 36 hours straight
    – feel the sand between your toes
    – blast your music in your room and dance like no tomorrow
    – sneak out of your room at night and go to a friend’s house
    – blow up 100 balloons in a day
    – pop 100 balloons in a day
    – climb a fence
    – climb a tree
    – play and finish monopoly
    – sing on every ride in an amusement park

    Hope this helps 🙂

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