Sometimes, You’ve Just Gotta Get Crazy

Liz sent in this very nice story of her first time, all the better because it was on a second date:

Last September, I met a guy named Rick online and we decided to go on a date. We are both in our late 40s and divorced with kids. Our first date walking and talking at a local park went really well, so we set up a second date the following Friday, when he’d make me dinner at his place.

When Friday came (the last official day of summer), I stopped by my favorite bakery to get dessert. Rick did a wonderful job cooking dinner and like our first date, the conversation was fun, flirty, and poignant, all at the same time. After we finished dinner, Rick asked if I was ready for dessert. I was too full from dinner, so I suggested a walk.

I noticed driving into Rick’s neighborhood that there were walking paths through the woods and a couple of lakes. It had been in the 80s that day and the night was beautiful. I thought a nice walk would be a great way to pass the time before dessert.

After walking through the trail in the woods for a little bit, we came to the beach by one of the lakes. The moon was out and beautiful in the sky. I said, “Rick, it looks like there isn’t anyone around here. Can we go for a swim?”

He got a surprised smile on his face and said that would be fun, and asked if I brought a swimsuit. When I told him no, he said we could go in our underwear or, since we were both adults, we could just go skinny dipping.

As we walked back to his house to get towels, I told him I had never skinny dipped before but might be interested in trying it. He was a total gentleman and said it was up to me, but that he would skinny dip if I didn’t mind.

I definitely didn’t mind seeing his buff body naked, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be naked in front of a guy who I’d just met less than a week before. I had been divorced for four years, and although I had been on some dates, I hadn’t seen a naked man since my ex-husband.

As we walked back to the beach with the towels, I told Rick that I was going to swim in my bra and panties but I was fine with him going naked. He said no problem and that if I decided I didn’t want to do this, just let him know and it would be ok.

My adrenaline was in overdrive as we got back to the beach and started undressing. When he got down to his underwear, he smiled and said “this is your last chance to back out.” I told him to strip as I took off my shirt and was down to my bra and panties, my heart pounding.

We held hands as we started to walk toward the water. A few feet from the water, I said “Wait a minute! I’m not ready for this.” Rick didn’t say anything, but you could see the look of disappointment on his face as I walked toward our clothes. He smiled when I took off my bra and threw it on the rest of our clothes. Just as we stepped in the water, I stopped again and said “Wait! Just one more thing.” Another big smile from Rick as I took off my satin lace panties and came back to the water completely naked.

This time, we got in the water and started to swim around a bit. After about ten minutes or so, we went back to where we could stand in the water and started talking and laughing. Rick said, “I can’t believe we’re seeing each other naked already.” I replied “No kidding, but sometimes you just need to get a little wild and crazy sometimes.”

Right after that, I went over and initiated what was our first kiss. He kissed me back and then we started kissing some more. Soon, we had our arms wrapped around each other and our naked, very aroused bodies were making out in chest deep water.

About ten minutes later, things were getting really hot and heavy when Rick asked me f I wanted him to go inside me. Feeling like my boobs were about ready to explode, I said “Oh, hell yes.”

For the next hour or so, we made passionate love under the moonlight and totally lost ourselves in the ecstasy of the moment. It was the first time either of us had done this since divorcing our partners a few years before. What a way to break a dry spell!

After we finally finished, we exhaustedly went back to the beach and dried off. We sat there for a moment and laughed, not believing what we had just done. We were two almost-strangers who had just gotten caught up in the passion, something neither of us had ever done before. As I said, sometimes you just need to get a little wild and crazy sometimes.

Wow, Liz, I wish any of my dates had ever been that nice! But I have to know…where has the relationship gone since then? I’ve always been curious about the longevity of couples who start out skinny dipping together.



  1. Sounds like an amazing time together. Glad he was a gentleman about it and you where comfy enough to go skinny dipping that turned into making love. Amazing start to a love story too.

  2. Hi Jen! Thank you for publishing my story. I hope people enjoy it. Rick and I ended up dating for a few months. While we cared about each other and definitely enjoyed each other’s company, we realized that we weren’t really a good match for long term. We parted amicably and both appreciated the time we spent together. That relationship gave me a lot of confidence in who I am and what I have to offer, so it was definitely a good experience for me. It would be nice, however, to find another man to skinny dip with me, lol.

  3. Thanks for the update Liz! Best of luck finding someone new.


  4. Sorry that it did not work out with you and him. But least you feel more comfy and hopefully your able to skinny dip again even if it will be with someone else.

  5. This sounds exactly like the reverse perspective of the story posted by Michael in July 2020: Second Date Shenanigans. Is there a chance you’re both on skinnydippingstories?

  6. I was thinking the exact same thing as John. This is almost a parallel story, but with the other persons perspective & obviously name changes!! Care to clarify for us Liz?!?!

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