Son showed me this in SIMS?

You can buy a grandfather clock, but you must buy it at .00 or it doesn’t work. At night only you can open the lower clock cabinet doors and see a woman giving head to a man. In Apache flight simulator he showed me a house with a pool you can hover over and see naked women skinny dipping in the backyard pool. My question is are these things in all games?


  1. The game as it ships doesn’t include these things. People create hacks to add to their game and sometimes share them with others.

  2. New York City Babe.x says

    hes hacked it then cos that wouldnt be allowed.
    i suggest you contact the owner of the game

  3. bloodespionKB says

    no!! of course not!!

    these are hacks that hackers manage to put into games!!

    nothin 2 do with the game designers at all!!

    just stay away from dodgy games!!

  4. Don’t have the flight simulator game. Tried the clock although it wasn’t a needed item but now I like it because it worked. Tell your son to try this. Get a dog, then walk the dog to the fire hydrants one at a time. At each hydrant walk your dog counterclockwise around it 2 times. When you start to walk around it a third time a stray dog will appear and your dog will chase it off the screen. When you chase the dogs you will find them doing it in your yard. It doesn’t work on every hydrant though.

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