Spring Break Shenanigans

Here’s a short story we got from John:

436_3121532This one spring break I had, I met a lot of new people including three hot blonde girls. We all went driving out the country to go fishing. I knew I have to get them naked somehow in the water.

We took a small boat out on a pond. One girl decide to wear a bikini and so I took my shirt off. Then the rest said it’s not fair that she is wearing a bikini and they had to wear clothes. I said I don’t mind. The rest took off their clothes but just had thongs and push up bras on.

We fished for like an hour and I said it’s kinda hot, let’s go home. Then they said we could jump in the water to stay cool. Then I said I only have one pair of clothes. And then they started to strip me. I said I have to see some naked girls if I’m going to be naked.

I got to undress all of them. We swam for a few hours and had sex on the shore.



  1. Yeah right that happened!

  2. On day I see a girl skinny dipping and westbay

  3. One day I was a girl skinny dipping at wsm with big tit and a big pussy

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